TODAY is the Republican Primary – Vote Mike Protack

Folks, today you have an important decision to make on who will challenge the Democrats in the general election for Governor of the great state of Delaware.

Please get out and vote for MIKE PROTACK.

Mike is the ONLY active Republican, who campaigned and debated against Jack Markell and John Carney.

Mike is the ONLY Republican who was willing to share his ideas to make Delaware a better place!

Mike is a:
– Husband
– Father
– Veteran (U.S. Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot)
– Union Member (AFL-CIO) through his employer. KEY to challenging the Democrats in November!


– Health Care for ALL citizens through a competition based market-driven health care plan
– Energy Independence through Wind, Solar and Geothermal
– Education that prepares our children to be leaders of tomorow!




TOMORROW – Vote for Mike Protack for Governor

The Republican Primary is Tomorrow! On Tuesday, September 9th, please cast your vote for Mike Protack for Governor.

Mike is the ONLY ACTIVE Republican campaigning for Governor! Mike is the ONLY Republican who debated both Lt. Governor John Carney and State Treasurer Jack Markell!

Mike is the ONLY Republican Gubernatorial candidate with winning strategy to win back the Governor’s seat! Mike earned the endorsement of the Independent Party of Delaware. The Independent Party lauds Mike for his independent thinking with creative, innovative and common-sense solutions for the the tough issues facing all Delawareans.

It is time we have a real voice in Dover!

Mike Protack has a Plan for Illegal Immigration

Mike Protack offers a plan for illegal immigration.

Judge Bill Lee Wanted Drivers Licenses for Illegals

Judge Bill announced on WGMD on 7/22/2008 that he thought it would be a good idea to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses. He then after a firestorm, retracted his statement.

Judge Bill Lee Unprepared to Lead

Judge Bill is unprepared to lead this state. Listen to this clip and judge for yourself.

Judge Bill Lee Refuses to Debate

Judge Bill Lee is a Double Dipper

Judge Bill Lee Double dips, and us taxpayers are paying dearly for it. He gets both is pension and his health care. If he is elected Governor, the taxpayers will be forced to pay his salary, his pension, and his health care.

Enough is enough! This is just plain wrong.